Sir Serpent’s Thoughts about 2015

Well, 2015 is close to be over and it has been a great but also tragic year. It not only held nice surprises, but also some tragic ones. Reason enough for Sir Serpent to look back and give a rough analysis of what happened!

We finally released our second album “Might & Magic” and received fairly nice reviews and reactions from you guys. We’re pretty happy about the outcome, to be honest. The cover looks great, the sound is good and the songwriting reflects pretty much anything we did in the past two years after “Dungeon Masters”. Kinda more diverse (for our standards) but not too much to drift out into “progressive” territories. We’ll try to be more busy next year concerning recordings as we still plan to release a 7″ vinyl consisting of 2 tracks in german as a tribute to all those great and mostly forgotten GDR-Metal bands. Maybe there will be another album or EP as well?! Lets see…
We’ve been traveling around in 2015 a lot. Shared the stage with some great and unique bands and had a shitload of fun as well. Looking back, it’s tough to pinpoint a certain gig as “the best one in 2015” but there were some moments that made us feel like there was that magical vibe in the air. One of those gigs was our appearance at “Harder than Steel Festival”. We had to get a session drummer and session bassplayer for that show as Ringo was sick and Don Viper was traveling through Greece at that point. We haven’t rehearsed in that constellation but except for a broken string on stage anything went down great. The crowd was amazing although we were playing in early afternoon and the shows afterwards by bands like Metal Inquisitor and Jag Panzer killed. Another really memorable gig was the one we played in Hamburg. The place was packed, it was sweaty and warm as hell and your singing was earbursting loud. Everything just felt right and aggressive. It was one of those moments where the borders between musicians and crowd blurr and you feel a certain bond between you and anyone else there.

But 2015 was also overshadowed by the loss of some great and influential musicians. Recently one of the most unique personas in Heavy Metal and Rock in general past away and it is a big loss for the whole Metal and Rock scene. Mr. Kilmister was not only great musician and wrote some fantastic and sometimes pretty heartbreaking lyrics (yeah, just listen to “Don’t let Daddy kiss me”), he also shaped the the picture of a true rockstar. A person who doesn’t give a fuck about you, but gives a fuck about the whole situation on our planet. He excoriated all sorts of social issues like racism, big corporates and their influences on our lifes and poverty while still maintaining the status of a fucked-up booze-ridden, hellraising motherfucker. Without Motörhead and Lemmy we surely didn’t have any bands like Midnight, Bulldozing Bastards or Whipstriker. Gotta respect that.

“Breaking up or breaking through,
Breaking something’s all we ever do,
Shoot straight, travel far,
Stone crazy’s all we ever are,
But I don’t care for lies,
And I won’t tell you twice,
Because when all else fails,
Dead Men Tell No Tales”

But not only Lemmy passed away, the Metal world also mourned the tragic loss of Terry Jones, vocalist of the amazing Pagan Altar, a band that used to be very influential for Iron Kobra’s sound and appeal (listen to “Spiritarcher” off of “Might & Magic” for example”). His vocals where the mystic force that guided the music of Pagan Altar onto a whole new level, leaving nothing behind but a foggy mythical shadow. Too sad, we didn’t have the chance to share a stage.

“Look into the North, in the light of the candle.
The form that’s taking shape within the triangle,
Feel the power that’s growing in the darkness,
The evil stench of Hell, Behold Armadeus.”

2015 was also great when it comes to new releases. My top 5 (in no particular order) this year:

Final-fucking-ly! Our brothers of Division Speed finally released their full-length and it might be one of the greatest records of the past few years. It’s super-fast, highly aggressiv and catchy as hell. Since the beginning and their first demo I thought that Division Speed were the true kings of (young) german Thrash/Speed Metal bands and this albums proves me right, hehe.

IRON MAIDEN – The Book of Souls
Whenever there is a new Maiden record people start to debate about it like about a soccer match. Every single hit on the snare, every vocal line, every solo gets taken apart and everyone talks about it like they graduated in “Maidenology”. But on the inside every Maiden-fan is hyped and nervous like a little kid close to Christmas. “The Book of Souls” is another great record by the band and there is not a single thing missing on it, that makes a good new Iron Maiden album.

LORD FIST – Green Eyleen
I’ve been hooked onto this band since their very first output and still think that those guys are way to underrated. The album is great from start to finish and has this odd vibe that makes some records just a tad more interesting than others. Maybe it’s the vocals? Maybe it’s the constant lead-guitar fiddeling away some catchy melodies? I don’t know. Just give it a listen if you haven’t done that before and judge yourself.

ERAZOR – Dust Monuments
Erazor have been around since 2006 and after various line-up changes they finally settled onto a line-up that seems just perfect for their kind of music. Drifting more into dark territories and away from current trends and waves, they just do their thing and might be the oldest and most persistant young Black/Thrash bands from the german underground. “Dust Monuments” is a hidden gem if you’re into Black/Thrash Metal.

SPEEDTRAP – Straight Shooter
Their 7″ “Straight Shooter” was a surprise for me. I nearly forgot about the band after their release of “Powerdose” but was really happy to receive something new. Loved the Bad Religion-cover on the B-side and was looking forward for a new album. And when it was released I was blown away! Insane speeds, high-pitched manic vocals and catchy choruses. Way to go!

What’s your top 5 this year?
So, raise your glass in honor of Motörhead and Pagan Altar, have a great night and listen to Metal.
See you in 2016.
Hail and Kill
Sir Serpent / IK

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