Ruhrpod Rockers Episode 1. Kekse und Drachen

As some of you know, we recorded a new 7″ some weeks ago. It will feature two brand new songs, both sung in German – Kerker und Drachen and Schall und Rauch. As always, we sat down a lot while we were recording and profoundly talked philosophy and matters of utmost importance. Really, this is the best thing about being in an awesome band like Iron Kobra, you enjoy some quality time with other idiots. In the past 9 years, every hour long car drive, every sitting in a crammy, smelly backstage room was filled with the voices of the Vanguard of Doom (which is us, d’oh). In case you wonder which infinite wisdom you missed in the past decade, here a small selection …

  • A Jesus/Bible MMORPG. Really, this would have been awesome. We wanted to sell the idea to the pope so they could attract new fans.
  • Making a music video, but everything is made out of chocolate and sweets. This is really hard to explain, but imagine a drummer smashing the drums, but instead he’s drumming into a pot of pudding.
  • And, uh, a lot more! I promise!

So you see, I already forgot about most of it. That’s why we decided to start recording our pamphlets of philosophy in a podcast format. It’s in German, but you’ll have to deal with that. We recorded it while Cimmerian Conda was busy playing the drums for the record, so he’s missing. So enjoy the first episode of the Ruhrpod Rockers!

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