Iron Kobra in Innsbruck on 10/20/17

Iron Kobra in Halle on 03/25/17

Cimmerian Conda joins Iron Kobra

Some might already have noticed that we had some changes behind the drums. So we now want to properly announce that Ringo Snake will no longer be a member of Iron Kobra. We want to thank him for 5 years of dedication and his great work on both our albums and the Avenger 7″. THANKS RINGO!
In his stead, CIMMERIAN CONDA, to some better known as Björn from Tyranos, Destroyer and Whipper, will take over. He already helped out at some of our recent gigs and will now become a full member.
With that, we hope that we can soon return to our old rehearsal room and studio and record some new tracks for you in 2017.
See you at Kuhzifest on January 2017 which will be our first show next year.


Don Viper, Lord Python, Sir Serpent

Iron Kobra in Emden on 01/14/17

Iron Kobra in Vienna on 12/03/16

Iron Kobra in Schleswig on 06/03/16

Iron Kobra in Hamburg on 10/22/16

Iron Kobra in Essen on 06/25/16

Taunus Metal Festival appearance cancelled

We are very sad and sorry to announce that we cannot play at Taunus Metal Festival this Saturday. As a member of the band suddenly got seriously ill, it’s not possible for us to enter the stage. We were looking forward to playing a lot, and hope we can somehow make up for it in the future.

Sir Serpent will be there anyway, as he will play with his band Whipper Saturday morning which you should not miss out. Steelpreacher will replace us, so dont worry, you will get your fair share of Heavy Metal Party!

Meet and Greet in Osaka on March, 20th

Due to travel, shipping of your orders via our bandcamp-shop will be delayed for the next 2 weeks. All orders up till now have been shipped or will be shipped tomorrow.
“For years, way before IRON KOBRA existed, I always wanted to travel and see the land of the rising sun. With the great help of my family and my lovely girlfriend I will finally be able to travel to Japan and see the country I and the other guys of the band always have been fascinated about. I also want to use that opportunity to meet up with some of our fans in Japan. The great Mikitoshi Matsuo from ROCK STAKK RECORDS, who’s been a loyal supporter of IRON KOBRA for the past years, opens the gates to his shop in Osaka to give me the chance and a place to meet some of you guys out there. I will also bring some merch and CDs, so if you got some spare time, come over, have a chat and share your world of japanese Metal fandom with me!
Hail and Kill
Sir Serpent / IK”

Where: Rock Stakk Records, 〒530-0027 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka 北区堂山町4-4 阪急東ビル 2F
When: Sunday, 20th of March, 5pm