Iron Kobra in Schleswig on 06/03/16

Iron Kobra in Hamburg on 10/22/16

Iron Kobra in Essen on 06/25/16

Taunus Metal Festival appearance cancelled

We are very sad and sorry to announce that we cannot play at Taunus Metal Festival this Saturday. As a member of the band suddenly got seriously ill, it’s not possible for us to enter the stage. We were looking forward to playing a lot, and hope we can somehow make up for it in the future.

Sir Serpent will be there anyway, as he will play with his band Whipper Saturday morning which you should not miss out. Steelpreacher will replace us, so dont worry, you will get your fair share of Heavy Metal Party!

Meet and Greet in Osaka on March, 20th

Due to travel, shipping of your orders via our bandcamp-shop will be delayed for the next 2 weeks. All orders up till now have been shipped or will be shipped tomorrow.
“For years, way before IRON KOBRA existed, I always wanted to travel and see the land of the rising sun. With the great help of my family and my lovely girlfriend I will finally be able to travel to Japan and see the country I and the other guys of the band always have been fascinated about. I also want to use that opportunity to meet up with some of our fans in Japan. The great Mikitoshi Matsuo from ROCK STAKK RECORDS, who’s been a loyal supporter of IRON KOBRA for the past years, opens the gates to his shop in Osaka to give me the chance and a place to meet some of you guys out there. I will also bring some merch and CDs, so if you got some spare time, come over, have a chat and share your world of japanese Metal fandom with me!
Hail and Kill
Sir Serpent / IK”

Where: Rock Stakk Records, 〒530-0027 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka 北区堂山町4-4 阪急東ビル 2F
When: Sunday, 20th of March, 5pm

Might & Magic Anniversary – Free Download

On March 7th 2015, we released our second album Might & Magic. To celebrate this happy event, you can now download the album in its entirety from our bandcamp page for free! Just select the download and you have it. Of course, you can still give us some money to support us and our cause, but you don’t really have to.

Some new gig announcements coming soon – cool stuff is underway. We’re also preparing for our next releases, but be patient about this…
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Iron Kobra crushing the Storm Crusher Warm-Up Show!

We’re happy to announce that we will be playing again at the amazing Storm-Crusher Festival! This time, we will be part of their Warm-Up Show together with Stallion and many other great bands!

Crush or be Crushed!

Also, we’re sorry to inform you that we cannot play the gig in Düsseldorf in April. Wifebeater will replace us.

Iron Kobra in Düsseldorf on 04/16/16

This show has been cancelled. Sorry!

Gelsenkirchen Patches available!

Gelsenkirchen – The Thousand Fire City! Were proud of our heritage, so were happy to present our new patches. They feature our chrome logo as well as the Buersche Linde, symbol of our hometown. You can order them in our bandcamp store for only 4€ + shipping! Of course, we’ll carry them also to our next live gigs so you can also purchase them from us directly.

Min Buer bliew Buer

Zwischen Rheinland und Westfalen liegt die alte Freiheit Buer
Von den deutschen Städten allen liebe ich die eine nur.
Nie vergeß ich deine Züge, Freiheit Buer, mein Leben lang
Weil die Mutter an der Wiege mir von deiner Schönheit sang.
In den alten trauten Gassen spielte ich dereinst als Kind.

Als ich später sie verlassen, zog mit mir der Buersche Wind.
Ging mein Weg durch andre Städte, ging mein Schiff auch über’s Meer,
Buerscher Wind, der mich umwehte, führte mich doch wieder her.

In den tiefen Grubenfeldern pocht dein diamanten Herz.
In den stillen Buchenwäldern geht dein Atem himmelwärts.
In den treuen Mädchenaugen leuchtet deiner Heimat Flur.
Alles mag die Welt uns rauben, eines nicht, min Buer bliew Buer.

Hans-Rudolph Thiel

Sir Serpent’s Thoughts about 2015

Well, 2015 is close to be over and it has been a great but also tragic year. It not only held nice surprises, but also some tragic ones. Reason enough for Sir Serpent to look back and give a rough analysis of what happened!
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