MIGHT & MAGIC reviews and interviews

Thank you all for your amazing feedbakc in the past days and weeks! We love to hear that you like our new album. We here try now to collect all the reviews and interviews we did – be sure to read ’em all! If you think we missed some – please tell us and we’ll add it to the list!


streetclip.tv – 8/10 (German)

Metal Integral – 14/20 (French)

Heavy Metal Maniac Zine – 90/100 (Italian)

Trebuchet Magazine’s Monthly Metal Medley – no score

toiletovhell.com – no score

crossfire-metal.de – 8/10 (German)

heavy-metal.de – 9/10 (German)

twoguysmetalreview.com – no score

Underground Musick – 8/10

FFM-Rock – no score (German)

Mega-Metal.de – 8/10 (German)

metal.de – 7/10 (German)

metalhead.it – 7/10 (Italian)

hardrockinfo.com – no score


Don Viper with heavy-metal.de

Don Viper with Underground Musick

Sir Serpent with The Metal Voice Magazine

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