Might & Magic LP Pre-Order (out in June)

You can now pre-order the LP version of our second full length! It’s pressed on black wax, gatefold, and includes a poster and a sticker. You can now pre-order it at our bandcamp store for 13€, and it will be shipped around the beginning/mid of June.

Dying Victims Productions also offers a strictly limited box set which includes not only the album on bronze vinyl, but also a special poster, special sticker, insert, a shaped backpatch and a story booklet – yeah that’s right, we digged the libraries of Arkham and deliver you a story so cruel and unbelievable that the Necronomicon looks like a child book! It all comes in a really great looking box. This is ONLY available via DVP, the band will not have any of the boxes! DVP also offers a bundle consisting of the box and ashirt or muscleshirt.

Might & Magic LP – 13€
Might & Magic Box Set – 30€ (only via DVP)
Might & Magic Box Set + Shirt – 40€ (only available via DVP)


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