Iron Kobra in Düsseldorf on 04/16/16

This show has been cancelled. Sorry!

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  • Wesley Remans


    I would like to attend the Iron Kobra show in Düsseldorf but I can’t find anywhere where I can obtain tickets???! Can you please tell me where I can buy tickets online? Düsseldorf is a 2 hour drive for me (I live in Belgium)and I would be pretty pissed off if the show was sold out when I got there.:-[ Hope you can help me!

    Best regards,


    • DonViper


      First, we’re sorry to announce that we cannot play the show. If you still want to go there – I guess there will be more than enough tickets on the day of the show, I don’t think there’s a pre-order.


      • Wesley Remans

        Hi Matze,

        First of all, I am honoured that you write me back in person. Big fan of your work! I’m very sorry to hear that you won’t be playing at the Düsseldorf-venue. I was really hoping to finally see you guys live, so I can’t even begin to describe my disappointment. Hope the band will be playing in the near future anywhere near Belgium! I can’t imagine a band this great is not playing jam-packed venues every night, that’s why I was so worried about acquiring tickets. I recently bought your first 2 full-albums and they are by far (without exagerating) the best new releases I’ve heard in over 15 years. It will be difficult for you to top Might & Magic, believe me! 😉 So, thanks again and I will keep praying to Crom and hope one day he will grant me the honour of seeing Iron Kobra live.:-)



        • DonViper

          Haha thanks for your very kind words! We would love to play in Belgium again – I think we only played there once in 2011 together with Skull Fist and Evil Invaders, and it was a hell of a gig!

          Originally, there were plans for a small tour this year with also a concert in Belgium, but it did not work out. So hopefully, see you soon!

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