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Finally, we released our first album, Dungeon Masters, in 2012. We had some serious problems finding a label and a studio at first, but finally decided to record it at Toxomusic, known for its work on the Witching Hour and Cruel Force albums, and release it via Dying Victims Productions who always gave us 100% support.

Dungeon Masters

  1. Intro
  2. The intro is heavily inspired by the intro of a demo version of the pc game Dungeon Master. Narrated by Volker \Iron lung\” Frerich, it sets the mood for the album that follows. Nice.

  3. Dungeon Master
  4. If you want, the title track of the album. A heavy speeder in the vein of 80’s German Speed Metal bands. It further explores the narrative that is set in the intro.

  5. Valhalla Rock
  6. One of four re-recordings of old songs on the album. We felt this was one of our best songs, so we had to include it.

  7. Metal Rebel
  8. A new song! This one has a very hardrockin’ feel to it. It tells the story about how Heavy Metal dictates your life. It’s not fashion, it’s your life!

  9. Born under the Tower
  10. Finally, a song about the rich worlf of Tolkien. But we’re totally on the dark side – Saruman’s forces will reign supreme. It has a heavy Running Wild feeling.

  11. Heavy Metal Generation
  12. A rerecording of our Battlesword smash hit. With a cooler ending.

  13. Black Magic Spells
  14. Take all of Running Wild’s Gates to Purgatory songs about satanism and you get Black Magic spells.

  15. Ronin
  16. We decided to let Sir Serpent take the vocals on this one, as it feels a lot more refined and Lord Python can concentrate on his awesome guitar work. RONIN MASTER OF THE SWORD!

  17. Druid’s Call
  18. As everybody else on the planet, we are huge Spinal Tap fans. Stonehenge in particular is a fantastic song, so we wanted to make a song about it as well. An obscure Celtic ritual… with Blumi on guest solo!

  19. Speedbiker
  20. After we recorded Speedbiker in 2009, we experimented a lot with the song. We even wrote a third verse, but dropped the idea quickly. This song has to be short and ultra fast.

  21. Thousand Fire City
  22. Dedicated to our hometown Gelsenkirchen, the City of a Thousand Fires, we picture a grotesque image: a city inhabited by creatures of Chaos and no order in sight. There might be a ray of hope hidden there, but to find it, you have to risk your life.

Release information


  • Released on CD via Dying Victims Productions on 29 November 2012. Contains a special version of Heavy Metal Generation as a bonus track.
  • Released on MC via Dying Victims Productions. Contains a special version of Ronin as a bonus track.
  • Released on LP via Dying Victims Productions. Contains a German version of Speedbiker as a bonus track.


Forged in the fires of Toxomusic Studio from the 15th to the 19th of October 2012.
Refined, polished and sharpened from the 29th of Octobre to the 2nd of November 2012.

Cover artwork by Velio Josto.


Iron Kobra tragen verschwitzte Kutten, das Metallerherz gleich auf der Zunge, glänzen mit einem herrlichen Rumpelfaktor und können nicht nur live, sondern auch auf CD überzeugen.
The-Pit.de, 9/10

Jung und hungrig waren die Musiker der Gründerjahre, heiß und schnell war ihr Sound. IRON KOBRA klingen haargenau so. Fast durchgehend treten sie aufs Gaspedal und sind auch immer am vorzüglichsten in diesen ungezügelten speedigen Momenten.
streetclip.tv, 8/10

Die Band hat es geschafft, sich in fast jeder Hinsicht zu steigern und sich zu einer der hoffnungsvollsten Newcomerbands in Deutschland zu mausern.
Rock Hard Magazine #310, 8.5/10

Fans von Bands wie BROCAS HELM, MANILLA ROAD, METALUCIFER oder CIRITH UNGOL können hier gerne ein Ohr riskieren […]
metalstorm.de, 84/100

  • 1Intro
  • 2Dungeon Master
  • 3Valhalla Rock
  • 4Metal Rebel
  • 5Born under the Tower
  • 6Heavy Metal Generation
  • 7Black Magic Spells
  • 8Ronin
  • 9Druid's Call
  • 10Speedbiker
  • 11Thousand Fire City

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