Cult of the Snake

Cover:Cult of the Snake

Cult of the Snake was our very first recording that was released. After uploading several songs on myspace, we decided on these five songs to be published. It was a giant success back than – considering the quality of the recordings, that’s unbelievable.

Cult of the Snake

  1. Speedbiker
  2. Our very first song ever written! None of us possesses a biker licence, but still, this song is high speed as fuck. Up till now, this one is a fan favourite.

  3. Fists of Fury
  4. Our tribute to bruce Lee. Because of this song, Metal Archives still lists “Bruce Lee” as one of our lyrical themes… I really like this one, but it lacks the certain something.

  5. Rocket Raiders
  6. In retrospective, I cannot really understand why we wrote this song.

  7. Valhalla Rock
  8. Even though some people think the song is about Rock’n’Roll in the Hall of the Fallen Warriors, it is actually about a giant rock that builds the basis of Valhalla. But we like the Idea of Odin playing Guitar and Loki rocking on the drums. This is the third track we’ve ever written.

  9. Ronin
  10. … and this is the second one. The Japanese lyrics roughly translate to “I hate you for everything you’ve done”, emphazising the hatred that burns inside the Ronin.

  11. Thunder on the Tundra (Thor Cover)
  12. This track was only included on the tape version of Dying Victims Productions. Our tribute to Thor which started a small Thor fancult (or resurrected it?) in Germany. Even today, we cover this song live at some shows.

Release information


  • Released by the band on CD-R on April 11th, 2009. Limited to a total of 100 copies (the initial run was only 50 copies).
  • Released on MC through Dying Victims Productions in 2009, limited to 333 copies (300 regular + 33 Die Hard version, which features also a pin and a shirt). Also includes a Thunder on the Tundra cover.
  • Released on MC and CD as part of the Heavy Metal Drunk Machine split with Witchcurse.


Recorded at Iron Glory Studios in 2009.
Cover artwork by Helena.

  • 1 Speedbiker
  • 2Fists of Fury
  • 3Rocket Raiders
  • 4Valhalla Rock
  • 5Ronin

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