Battlesword (actually, we wanted to name it Iron Kobra Battlesword, but somehow, no one used that name) was our second release. After the initial success of our demo, we still had a lot of unrecorded songs, including the fan favourites Will of the Kobra, Heavy Metal Generation and Kobra Krusader.


  1. Will of the Kobra
  2. The idea for this song dates back to the time before Iron Kobra. Originally, it was called \Will of the Prophet\” and was heavily anti-religious, but we decided to change it and make it pro-Kobra. We never wrote again a song that thrashy.

  3. Steamhammer
  4. Another tribute to a great warrior, this time Bud Spencer. It’s a fun song, not much too say.

  5. Divine Wind
  6. Ah, another Japanese themed song! The Kamikaze Warriors fly once again… this is a bit punky, fast and altogether fun.

  7. Demon Queen
  8. This is a tough one. Back then, we thought this was one of our best songs ever written, but it’s not. I don’t know.. with some work, it could be great.

  9. Heavy Metal Generation
  10. One of our all-time fan favourites. Unwillingly, we created a hymn for the young underground that formed back in the time from 2007-2009. A lot of young bands were emerging in Germany and some still stay strong up to this day.

  11. King of the Road
  12. A power ballad? Wow. But this one is not about love or shit like that, it’s about a trucker who has to deliver his stuff in time. Cool concept, but it was never quite accepted.

  13. Kobra Krusader
  14. At some point, we started to play this song last in our live sets, and it has become our band hymn of sorts. I really like it, even though the lyrics are just band and album names.

Release information


  • Released by the band under the banner of Iron Glory Music on CD on January 26th, 2010, limited to 500 copies.
  • Released as MC on Dying Victims Productions on February 7th, 2011. Limited to 300 (with a special edition containing MC, Shirt and Button) and with two bonus tracks.
  • Released on LP on Iron Bee Records in 2012, limited to 200 copies.
  • Released on CD on Mighty Monster Records in 2012.


Recorded at Iron Glory Studios, Gelsenkirchen, in 2009, except for the drums which were recorded at Förderturm Musik in Gelsenkirchen.
Cover artwork by Christian Breit.

  • 1Will of the Kobra
  • 2Steamhammer
  • 3Divine Wind
  • 4Demon Queen
  • 5Heavy Metal Generation
  • 6King of the Road
  • 7Kobra Krusader

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