Avenger was our first 7″ single and our first recording with our new drummer Ringo Snake. It took us way longer to record it than we expected – we started to write this song with Commander Conda, then had to rehearse with Ringo Snake etc so it dragged on. Finally, a song about Conan.


  1. Avenger
  2. We decided for a more Epic Metal style this time, fitting the theme of the Last Cimmerian. I think this song is a good example of our transition between the Demo/EP years and the album years. While it’s not as good as the song that would be featured on our first album, it proved that we heavily progressed our songwriting capabilities.

  3. Medieval Steel (Medieval Steel Cover)
  4. With Meister Cagliostro from Attic on the vocals. Total kvlt song.

Release information


Released as a 7″ by War Productions on 17 September 2012.


Recorded at Förderturm Musik Studio and Iron Glory Studios in Gelsenkirchen. Guest Vocals by Meister Cagliostro from Attic.
Artwork by Pedro Rebelo.
Cover artwork by Velio Josto.


Iron Kobra behalten, und das ist die wichtige Nachricht, ihren Undergroundstatus und treten sonst auch niemandem auf die Füße. Ein zu liebendes Stück Vinyl nicht für die Oldschooler.
crossfire-metal.de, ohne Wertung

  • 1Avenger
  • 2Medieval Steel (Medieval Steel cover)

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