A full discography of all recordings ever done, listed from our latest release Might & Magic until our very first demo, Cult of the Snake.


  • It took us some time to get our second album Might & Magic out there – we used the time to polish our songwriting abilities, play some live shows and prepared for the recordings. We wanted to make a huge jump from our first record to this, and we think we succeeded. It’s a nice [...]

    • 100:07Words of Wisdom
    • 23:56Tomb of the Stygian King
    • 34:32Fire!
    • 42:50Vanguard of Doom
    • 55:41Watch the Skies
    • 66:13Spirit Archer
    • 74:22Wut im Bauch
    • 83:14Born to Play on 10
    • 96:10Cult of the Snake
  • Finally, we released our first album, Dungeon Masters, in 2012. We had some serious problems finding a label and a studio at first, but finally decided to record it at Toxomusic, known for its work on the Witching Hour and Cruel Force albums, and release it via Dying Victims Productions who always gave us 100% [...]

    • 1Intro
    • 2Dungeon Master
    • 3Valhalla Rock
    • 4Metal Rebel
    • 5Born under the Tower
    • 6Heavy Metal Generation
    • 7Black Magic Spells
    • 8Ronin
    • 9Druid's Call
    • 10Speedbiker
    • 11Thousand Fire City


  • Kerker & Drachen by Iron Kobra

    • 103:55Kerker & Drachen
    • 203:55Schall & Rauch
  • Avenger was our first 7″ single and our first recording with our new drummer Ringo Snake. It took us way longer to record it than we expected – we started to write this song with Commander Conda, then had to rehearse with Ringo Snake etc so it dragged on. Finally, a song about Conan.

    Avenger [...]
    • 1Avenger
    • 2Medieval Steel (Medieval Steel cover)
  • This is maybe our most obscure release. Limited to only 20 copies, it included a 7″, a tape, a button, a sticker and a deed of ownership, all served in a cotton bag. It was only sold at our first Portugal gig in Porto.

    The two recordings of Metal Rebel and Dungeon Master were not [...]

Demos, EPs and Live Recordings

  • Also known as Live at Crom’s Place, this is our first and so far only live record. The recording’s from our Curse of the Kobra Tour in 2009 together with Witchcurse, from our concert in Hamburg.

    • 1Intro
    • 2Rocket Raiders
    • 3Valhalla Rock
    • 4Heavy Metal Generation
    • 5Thunder on the Tundra (Thor Cover)
    • 6Will of the Kobra
    • 7Speedbiker
    • 8Ronin
  • Battlesword (actually, we wanted to name it Iron Kobra Battlesword, but somehow, no one used that name) was our second release. After the initial success of our demo, we still had a lot of unrecorded songs, including the fan favourites Will of the Kobra, Heavy Metal Generation and Kobra Krusader.


    Will of the [...]
    • 1Will of the Kobra
    • 2Steamhammer
    • 3Divine Wind
    • 4Demon Queen
    • 5Heavy Metal Generation
    • 6King of the Road
    • 7Kobra Krusader
  • Cult of the Snake was our very first recording that was released. After uploading several songs on myspace, we decided on these five songs to be published. It was a giant success back than – considering the quality of the recordings, that’s unbelievable.

    Cult of the Snake


    Our very first song ever written! [...]

    • 1 Speedbiker
    • 2Fists of Fury
    • 3Rocket Raiders
    • 4Valhalla Rock
    • 5Ronin

Iron Kobra was also featured on several compilations and tribute albums:
“Mothra” on “Strong as Steel – A Tribute to Anvil” (Skol Records), 2013)
“Ridin’ with the Driver” on “All gone to Hell” (L.A. Riot Survivor Records, 2013)

We uploaded some bonus and cover songs on our bandcamp page: