Cimmerian Conda joins Iron Kobra

Some might already have noticed that we had some changes behind the drums. So we now want to properly announce that Ringo Snake will no longer be a member of Iron Kobra. We want to thank him for 5 years of dedication and his great work on both our albums and the Avenger 7″. THANKS RINGO!
In his stead, CIMMERIAN CONDA, to some better known as Björn from Tyranos, Destroyer and Whipper, will take over. He already helped out at some of our recent gigs and will now become a full member.
With that, we hope that we can soon return to our old rehearsal room and studio and record some new tracks for you in 2017.
See you at Kuhzifest on January 2017 which will be our first show next year.


Don Viper, Lord Python, Sir Serpent

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