Cimmerian Conda joins Iron Kobra

Some might already have noticed that we had some changes behind the drums. So we now want to properly announce that Ringo Snake will no longer be a member of Iron Kobra. We want to thank him for 5 years of dedication and his great work on both our albums and the Avenger 7″. THANKS […]

Meet and Greet in Osaka on March, 20th

Due to travel, shipping of your orders via our bandcamp-shop will be delayed for the next 2 weeks. All orders up till now have been shipped or will be shipped tomorrow. “For years, way before IRON KOBRA existed, I always wanted to travel and see the land of the rising sun. With the great help […]

Might & Magic Anniversary – Free Download

On March 7th 2015, we released our second album Might & Magic. To celebrate this happy event, you can now download the album in its entirety from our bandcamp page for free! Just select the download and you have it. Of course, you can still give us some money to support us and our cause, […]

Gelsenkirchen Patches available!

Gelsenkirchen – The Thousand Fire City! Were proud of our heritage, so were happy to present our new patches. They feature our chrome logo as well as the Buersche Linde, symbol of our hometown. You can order them in our bandcamp store for only 4€ + shipping! Of course, we’ll carry them also to our […]

Sir Serpent’s Thoughts about 2015

Well, 2015 is close to be over and it has been a great but also tragic year. It not only held nice surprises, but also some tragic ones. Reason enough for Sir Serpent to look back and give a rough analysis of what happened!


Iron Kobra in Legacy #95

We are featured in the latest issue of German Legacy magazine. In the new series Urban Bangers with the topic Metal im Pott – Gelsenkirchen we talk about the local scene in Gelsenkirchen and what we think could be improved to strengthen the scene here. The article also cointains the opinions of Attic, Black Messiah […]

Iron Kobra in Gera on 02.05.’15

Iron Kobra featured in Rockfanatic Rockcast 67

Nice! Check it out – our part starts at 33:30!

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Iron Kobra in Oberhausen on 06.12.’14

Online Dungeon…

We decided to create a homepage that shall serve as a a sanctuary for our band..

Here, you can find a list of all of our gigs ever played (and future ones), information about our music, every merch item ever created and a band history. We will try to keep this up to date, but […]