New Chrome Logo Shirts

Got a new stack of shirts for all of you maniacs. This time, we got something pretty special! David aka Bulletrider80s redesigned our logo with an amazing result, so good, that we couldn’t just pass it and made a batch of baseballshirts. He’s already done some great work with logos for bands like Atlantean Kodex, Children of Technology or Sin Starlett (check out his devianart account for his other works!).

Influenced by 80’s logos of bands like Omen, Scorpions or Obituary he took our old Skull and Snake design an reimagined it into something new and shiny! Please note, that we won’t change our logo at this point, we just liked the design and chose to share it with you.

Take your chance now and order your shirt for 10€ + postage at our bandcamp store!

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